The Catch You Later Foundation
is a small non profit organization that was formed shortly after the untimely and tragic deaths of father/husband Tim O’Donnell and 5 year old sister/daughter Bridget O’Donnell. On a routine drive home from work on 2/22/2016 they were killed in a horrific 100% preventable car crash on the NJ Turnpike caused by an impaired driver.

It is our hope that we can educate the public via schools, police academies, and civic organizations about the ramifications of distracted and impaired driving as well as giving out small scholarships annually in memory of Tim and Bridget.

The Catch You Later Foundation was created to spread awareness of the NJ State #77 Aggressive Driving program. LEARN MORE

Catch You Later Events

Learn  more about past & upcoming events.

Send A Senior High School Student To College

College is something Bridget wanted to do but sadly she does not have the chance.

Scholorship Recipients

Congratulations to this years Memorial Scholarship winners,

When you get to be my age birthdays aren’t fun anymore and haven’t been without our entire family but Thank you to everyone who participated in this video to all the students and theater friends it truly made my day, love you all! ...

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Dunk distractions while driving! ...

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As per the National Safety Council 46, 270 people died in car crashes that were 100% preventable in 2022.

This has to stop, one death is too many !

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Then get in your car and drive? Is it worth it? ...

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One death is too many ...

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Next court date, most likely going to trial AGAIN and will get trial date on June 12th please come if you can ...

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We were supposed to grow old together but someone had other plans. ...

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You can find this podcast “you matter” episode 118 on Spotify and apple podcast

It was taped in 2022 a lot has changed since then. It will also be in the link tree account above in the bio

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Next hearing date is June 12th looks like we are going to trial around October/November to relive this nightmare all over again. The trial is when we will need the army of supporters. ...

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If you plan on going to court tomorrow at 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, I have to be there at 9am. It’s in Judge Mitzi Galis-Menendez courtroom ask what floor when entering the building. If you don’t see me that is because I’ll be in a separate room

When looking at the judges desk sit on the left side if you sit on the right it looks like you are supporting the defendant.

There really is no parking so it’s probably best to use Uber/lift or take the blvd bus and walk.

If you text me and I can’t answer it’s because the proceedings have already started.

Hope to see you there. And thanks in advance!

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Defies the laws of nature to bury a child and all because of a drugged driver who we will yet again see in court on Monday, what a way to spend spring break 😢💔😡 ...

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Another Easter without him another softball season without him because of a drugged driver! 💔😢😡 ...

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When you get interviewed by a former scholarship winner and she asks the hard, thought provoking questions that NO ONE has ever asked before.

All the best @y.rigs you were a true professional and I am completely honored to have been the subject of your paper.

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It’s a Shame this is happening ...

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Ok so a friend entered me to get a 2 page add in Woman’s Day magazine and of course we’d talk about the foundation and the epidemic, please know in no uncertain terms do I think I’m a super mom but I could use the money which would go to the Foundation and the 2 page ad in a national magazine wouldn’t hurt so please go to the link above and vote every 24 hours you can even buy votes and that money would go directly to the Childrens Miracle Network so it’s a win win !

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In Memoriam

Our history is a short one, having only been created after the events that took place on February 22, 2016. It was after the crash that we realized too little number of people are aware of the NJ State #77 Aggressive Driving Program.