The Catch You Later Foundation
is a small non profit organization that was formed shortly after the untimely and tragic deaths of father/husband Tim O’Donnell and 5 year old sister/daughter Bridget O’Donnell. On a routine drive home from work on 2/22/2016 they were killed in a horrific 100% preventable car crash on the NJ Turnpike caused by an impaired driver.

It is our hope that we can educate the public via schools, police academies, and civic organizations about the ramifications of distracted and impaired driving as well as giving out small scholarships annually in memory of Tim and Bridget.

The Catch You Later Foundation was created to spread awareness of the NJ State #77 Aggressive Driving program. LEARN MORE

Send A Senior High School Student To College

College is something Bridget wanted to do but sadly she does not have the chance.

Scholorship Recipients

Congratulations to this years Memorial Scholarship winners,

Catch You Later Events

Learn  more about past & upcoming events.

Breaking Glass Ceiling

When you break the glass ceiling and become the FIRST NJ State civilian to be a Police Trained Certified Instructor[image/jpeg]

It’s not ok to sleep while driving! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤬 ... See MoreSee Less
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With the 7th Anniversary coming up of the 100% preventable deaths of Coach and Bridie as well as another court date with the habitual drugged driver, please help us continue to spread awareness. ... See MoreSee Less
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Nothing to do with distracted driving just a stalker who wants cause havoc for grieving people especially the month of the anniversary of their deaths. ...

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My last makeover from BOTH my girls, who knew just 17 days later half our family would be gone, 💔😢because of a habitual drugged driver that should have been in jail in 2014 but instead out to murder. ...

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The numbers will never really decrease until people stop driving selfishly! ...

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It will be 7 years Coach and Bridie were murdered by a habitual drugged driver. Given the fact the conviction was overturned let’s all get together and remember and reflect on their lives and what we have to endure again!

Justice for Coach and Bridie must be given!

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She was always ready to help with my treatment … Dr. Bridie she wanted to be called and in 19 days she will be dead 7 years as of 3:20 pm 😢🤬💔 all because of a habitual drugged driver. ...

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Everyone wants to be a field reporter or a youtube star when in actuality you are a distracted driver putting lives at risk. please stop! #droptheAword #wesavelives #catchyoulaterfoundation #putthephonedown #decreasefatalities #decreasecrashes #neveranaccident #handsfreenotriskfree ...

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One death is too many! You can help make it stop by having the courage to intervene and calling in the aggressive drivers and making better choices! ...

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A great day spreading awareness utilizing the lsd, marijuana, and drunk goggles to over 150 students today. ...

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Another marathon of a day coming up. ...

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November 4th is the event need addresses asap ...

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Fun time had by all in Miami at convention ...

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It takes a village to give out scholarships, please donate! ...

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Positive thoughts are needed today as our prosecutor is fighting for our lives to keep this baby and daddy killer in prison today ...

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She will most likely drive without her license anyway they always do ...

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It's Game Day - Let's Go! Be Safe!

In addition to regularly scheduled patrols, the New Jersey State Police will have additional troopers on DWI and aggressive driving patrols statewide.

So make good choices!

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Game day!

After all the bad news we received yesterday regarding our baby and daddy killer….. Tim and Bridget we need you tonight more than ever to at least give us a smidgen of happiness.

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Received this message shortly after our presentation today 🙌 ...

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Thank you Christopher Munoz for inviting me to spread distracted and impaired driving awareness today at Hoboken High School. 100+ sophomores got the talk and did the marijuana, LSD, alcohol goggles walk!

Be the change you wish to see!

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CRASH, COLLISION but never Accident ! ...

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In Memoriam

Our history is a short one, having only been created after the events that took place on February 22, 2016. It was after the crash that we realized too little number of people are aware of the NJ State #77 Aggressive Driving Program.