The Catch You Later Foundation
is a small non profit organization that was formed shortly after the untimely and tragic deaths of father/husband Tim O’Donnell and 5 year old sister/daughter Bridget O’Donnell. On a routine drive home from work on 2/22/2016 they were killed in a horrific 100% preventable car crash on the NJ Turnpike caused by an impaired driver.

It is our hope that we can educate the public via schools, police academies, and civic organizations about the ramifications of distracted and impaired driving as well as giving out small scholarships annually in memory of Tim and Bridget.

The Catch You Later Foundation was created to spread awareness of the NJ State #77 Aggressive Driving program. LEARN MORE

Send A Senior High School Student To College

College is something Bridget wanted to do but sadly she does not have the chance.

Scholorship Recipients

Congratulations to this years Memorial Scholarship winners,

Catch You Later Events

Learn  more about past & upcoming events.

Breaking Glass Ceiling

When you break the glass ceiling and become the FIRST NJ State civilian to be a Police Trained Certified Instructor[image/jpeg]

Now to get thru what would have been her 12th bday on December 6th, sadly that orange sippy cup We still have with the molded milk in it from 2/22/16 that we had to crawl thru the mangled eviscerated car to get along with one of her shoes, We don’t have it in our heart to wash it out.😢💔 ... See MoreSee Less
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Rest in Peace, Bellevue, Washington, Police Officer Jordan Jackson, E.O.W. 11/21/2022.Police Officer Jackson was on motorcycle patrol when he was struck and killed by a vehicle. P.O. Jackson was 34 years old and served with the Bellevue Police Department for four and a half years. Previously, he served as an EMT and a member of the King County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Unit. Police Officer Jackson is survived by his wife, son and daughter.Jordan, rest in the Lord's eternal embrace. Always Honored, Never Forgotten. #thesacrificecontinues #BellevuePolice #PAPD #PAPDPROTECTSNYNJ #PAPBA ... See MoreSee Less
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Now to get thru what would have been her 12th bday on December 6th, sadly that orange sippy cup I still have with the molded milk in it from 2/22/16 that I had to crawl thru the mangled eviscerated car to get along with one of her shoes, I don’t have it in my heart to wash it out.😢💔

The day after her 12th birthday I’ll be sharing her story, our story with Stockton State University sororities and fraternities!

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A father/husband and a 5 year old sister/daughter were slaughtered on the NJ Turnpike by a drugged driver. Now we want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you by education, working with law enforcement but can’t do it without your generosity, please help us spread awareness! ...

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Has absolutely nothing to do with distracted or impaired driving but it’s been a long time since we felt some comfort but being in a forest all lite up, was magical. Little things like this Harry Potter Experience made us feel like Tim was with us (he was a huge Harry Potter fan)

#4timandbridge #harrypotterforbiddenforestexperience

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If you know a business that might help us raise funds please give us their address to send our info to. ...

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Tomorrow is not promised, drive safely and be aware of your surroundings and call in the erratic drivers! ...

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Simple concept ...

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The weekend is not over ….. some people don’t know when to stop.

Eyes up phones down don’t drive distracted or impaired!

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“Love is just another word without you”

Our 7th thanksgiving without them because of an impaired driver and those who chose not to intervene. 💔😢😡

The saddest part of life is when the people who made memories become the memories😢

#DontDriveImpaired #DontDriveDistracted #4timandbridge #neverforget

#jasminethompson #calumscott

Nothing to be thankful for it’s just another day!

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From our house to yours have a great day, please be responsible and don’t become a statistic or cause someone else to become a statistic.

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I’ll say it again, we should NOT be attending these events but because people continue to Drive Impaired and distracted it’s a necessary evil….

However I was completely honored and shocked that I was named to be an inspirational speaker.

All I can is my best to make sure our loved ones did not die in vain!

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We should not be doing these events because a drugged person should not have been driving! Had he been in jail the first time of his multiple priors it would have never happened! ...

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Thank you to Bayonne Fire Department for saving our home because of a self cleaning oven.

Now do your part and make sure they don’t need to extricate you from a car because of distracted and impaired driving!

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4 Tim and Bridget and the thousands of others that are killed in 100% preventable car crashes! ...

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Please light a candle for my family and the thousands of others that died in 100% preventable car crashes

I’ll be in Hoboken at 11 if you’d like to join us . Frank Sinatra park at the pier come join us and reflect

18 2 @ahmadbradshaw thank you for your kind words today, you are all beautiful inside and out. Forever grateful

Earth Wind and Fire and then some! 💙


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In Memoriam

Our history is a short one, having only been created after the events that took place on February 22, 2016. It was after the crash that we realized too little number of people are aware of the NJ State #77 Aggressive Driving Program.