The Catch You Later Foundation
is a small non profit organization that was formed shortly after the untimely and tragic deaths of father/husband Tim O’Donnell and 5 year old sister/daughter Bridget O’Donnell. On a routine drive home from work on 2/22/2016 they were killed in a horrific 100% preventable car crash on the NJ Turnpike caused by an impaired driver.

It is our hope that we can educate the public via schools, police academies, and civic organizations about the ramifications of distracted and impaired driving as well as giving out small scholarships annually in memory of Tim and Bridget.

The Catch You Later Foundation was created to spread awareness of the NJ State #77 Aggressive Driving program. LEARN MORE

Send A Senior High School Student To College

College is something Bridget wanted to do but sadly she does not have the chance.

Scholorship Recipients

Congratulations to this years Memorial Scholarship winners,

Catch You Later Events

Learn  more about past & upcoming events.

Breaking Glass Ceiling

When you break the glass ceiling and become the FIRST NJ State civilian to be a Police Trained Certified Instructor[image/jpeg]

If you can make it April 6 at jersey city courthouse on Newark avenue at 9am please let us know asap we want to fill that courtroom ...

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What an amazing day with Linda Brown and Dylan of Don't Drive Distracted- I Pinky Swear @ipinkyswear1 filming our story and hearing the heartfelt stories from Lynn Fedele Rebecca Zlotnik Lori Mercer Sara Coleman Priscilla Camacho-Gamba.

A ton of fun doing some sight seeing and just getting to know our Canadian family. Yes our story is tragic as are so many others but the 100% AUTHENTIC friends now family from across the border and meeting them for the first time in person was just icing on the cake.

Then to have the CP family and Coach’s girls be a part of it well, there are no words. Coach’s girls, still our girls. We love them all!

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To our supporters who celebrate we wish you the best. ...

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We are so proud to become a member of the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce, can’t wait to get started working with them, networking, attending events, helping build our community and spreading awareness of distracted and impaired driving! ...

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Have a plan tonight before you go out and kill innocent 5 year olds like our Bridget …… ...

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Let’s remember this leprechaun while enjoying your Irish festivities.... she and her daddy are no longer here because someone got high and drunk and decided to drive home impaired and slaughtered them on a highway.

Have a plan!!!

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You can find this new published article in our link tree account in our profile

Thank you to @crashsupportnetwork for letting us share our story!

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This would be my third ….. we just keep grinding and hopefully saving some lives. ...

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Driving sober is cheaper than a funeral ...

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A true friend to my daughter! ...

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This time this kid was lucky next maybe not so much 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ and there WILL be a next time. ...

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This is the day after 7 years we sit just feet away from the murderer of half our family. We can use all of your support and come fill that courtroom as a show of support that this killer should NOT get away with murder! If you can be there please do! ...

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One death is too many ...

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After the events that happened yesterday to us and a stoner saying “ you must be enjoying your payout for your dead family” this needs to be reiterated…. You can NOT drive while stoned, it’s ILLEGAL! ...

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Thank you to Upper Saddle River PBA Local 218 for their donation to help us spread distracted and impaired driving awareness. ...

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In Memoriam

Our history is a short one, having only been created after the events that took place on February 22, 2016. It was after the crash that we realized too little number of people are aware of the NJ State #77 Aggressive Driving Program.